Biology timeline

Biology Timeline

  • 100

    5th - 4th century BC

     5th - 4th century BC
    Biology is born
    Alcmaeon is the first scientist to make contributions to Biology and the first to practice dissection. In the course of his researches he makes the first scientific discoveries in the field of anatomy. Aristotle inaugurates scientific zoology. He is also a pioneer in attempting a system of classification. First one to hypothesize about evolution. In 300 BC Theophrastus first attempts to classify plants, as well as describing their structure, habits and uses..
  • 200

    2nd Century AD

    2nd Century AD
    Galen's dissection of apes and pigs give him the detailed information about the organs of the body. Galen is able to demonstrate that living arteries contain blood
  • Andrea Cesalpino

    Andrea Cesalpino
    Cesalpino classifies plants according to their fruits and flowers
  • Zacgarias Janssen

    Zacgarias Janssen
    Invents the 1st compound microscope
  • Gaspard Bauhin

    Gaspard Bauhin
    extends Cesalpino's work in two books and devises method for classifying plants. The main significance of his work is that he is the first to arrange plants in separate groups, or genera. These two levels of classification eventually become standardized as the genus and the species
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    First scientist to describe Cells
  • John Ray

    John Ray
    provides first sytematic classification of animals
  • Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin
    Published his book on the the origin of species
  • Friedrich Miescher

    Friedrich Miescher
    First scientist to discover DNA
  • James Watson and Francis Crick

    James Watson and Francis Crick
    Proposed the structure of DNA. A double helix model