Billy Elliot

  • Billy is making breakfast

    Billy stays at home, looking after his Nan
  • Billy plays the piano

    His dad, Jackie, stops him after an argument with Billy's brother, Tony
  • At the Boxing Hall

    Mrs. Wilkinson's ballet class moves into the hall. Billy is given the keys to give to mrs. Wilkinson. He joins in the dancing
  • At the graveyard with Nan

  • Back at the ballet class

    He has second thoughts about the dancing, but when he is asked to hand back the shoes, hen won't.
    Billy hides the shoes when he gets home
  • Scene with the strikers

    Jackie is made aware of the fact that Billy isn't going to the boxing classes.
    At the same time, we see Billy practicing
  • At the ballet class

    Billy is dancing at the ballet class along with all the girls, when Jackie turns up.
  • Billy goes looking for mrs. Wilkinson

    Billy joins her family for dinner, and afterwards she drives him home. Mrs. Wilkinson tells Billy about The Royal Ballet School, and offers him private lessons, free of charge.
  • At Michaels house

    Michael is dressed in his sister's dress. He explains that his father also dresses in women's clothes, when he thinks he's alone.
  • Preparation for the audition

  • Billy goes for a drive with mrs. Wilkinson

    They listen to the Swan Lake and mrs. Wilkinson tells Billy the story.
  • Billy has a vision of his mother in the kitchen

  • Jackie and Tony has an argument and a fight

  • Tony is chased by the police

    He is caught, beaten and arrested while Billy looks on.
    Billy can't go to the audition in Newcastle because it is on the same day as Tony's court appearence.
    When they return home, mrs. Wilkinson turns up and reveals all.
  • Christmas: the piano is chopped up and used for firewood

  • Billy goes to the boxing hall with Michael

    They are dancing when they are discovered. Jackie watches Billy, as he shows off his skills as a dancer.
  • Jackie seeks out mrs. Wilkinson

    She offers to pay for the fare to London, so that Billy can go to the audition there, but Jackie wants to get the money himself.
  • Jackie tries to join the scabs

    He is trying to get the money for the fare to London, but Tony pulls him out.
  • They try to scrape the money together

    Jackie sells his late wife's jewelery.
  • Jackie and Billy goes to London

    At the Royal Ballet School, we see Billy in the changing room before he has a medical.
    After his audition, he is in tears in the changing room. A boy tries to cheer him up and he ends up punching the boy.
    Billy and Jackie faces the selection commity.
  • Waiting for the postman

    The letter comes and Billy is accepted into the Royal Ballet School.
  • The strike is over

  • Billy leaves for London

  • Jackie and Tony goes back in the mines

  • Jackie and Tony in London

    They go to watch Billy in the Swan Lake.
    In the theatre, they meet Michael