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Billy Elliot

  • Introduction

    Presenting Billy and his family. The surroundings and year are also introduced.
  • Billy discovers ballet

    Billy is boxing at the local gym. The ballet team is being teached in the same room. This intrigues Billy and he starts joining the ballet.
  • Billy's father finds out

    Billy's father finds out that Billy's has joined the ballet class and he gets angry, disappointed and embarrased.
  • The missed audition

    Billy's ballet teacher wants to take Billy to an audition in London. Beacuse of the miners' strike Billy misses the audition.
  • Break down

    It is christmas and Billy's family has no firewood, so Billy's father chops his dead wife's piano.
  • Acceptance

    Billy's father sees Billy dance and dance and dance. He finally accepts it.
  • Pawnshop

    Billy's father tries to get money for Billy to go to the audition in London. He sells his wife's jewelry.
  • The Royal Ballet School

    Billy and his father goes to London for an audtion at the Royal Ballet School.
  • The letter

    Billy gets a letter. He is accepted into the Royal Ballet School!
  • 10 years later...

    Billy's father, brother and his friend, Michael, are watching Billy dance the leading role in a show. Michael is now dressed as a lady.