Bill Masen's Life

By Seamp
  • Bill Masen is born.

    Bill Masen is born.
  • Triffids arrive on earth.

    The triffids arrive on earth, whether they were planted here, or a genetic mutation is unknown.
  • Triffids begin to become harvested.

  • Bill begins to work with the triffids.

  • Bill is hospitalized by a triffid

  • The comet passes over earth.

  • Bill meets Josella, and finds most other people blind.

  • Bill and Josella arrive at the university

  • Bill is tricked by Cokers gang

  • Bill meets Coker

  • Bill and Coker go to Tynsham

  • Bill and Josellas baby is born

  • Bill meets Ivan

  • Bill and Josella leave for the Isle of Wight