Bill Gates' life

By venmlau
  • Bill Gates' Birthday

    Bill Gates' Birthday
    On 1955 October 28th, shortly after 9 PM in Seattle Washington, William (Bill) Henry Gates III was born to William H. and Mary Maxwell Gates.
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    Bill GATES' education

    In 1967 William (Bill) Gates enrolled in the Lakeside School in Seattle.
    1973 Bill Gates graduated from Lakeside High School and enrolled in Harvard University, where he studied pre-law.
    He dropped out of Harvard at 1975.
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    important dates 1

    1974 (April 14) Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Micro-soft.
    1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote the first language for a personal computer.
    1976 Gates wrote his famous "Open Letter to Hobbyists", accusing them of software piracy.
    1977 Micro-Soft owned rights to BASIC after a lawsuit with MITS.
    1977 Micro-Soft released FORTRAN.
    1978 Micro-Soft opened an office in Japan.
    1979 Micro-Soft became Microsoft.
    1980 Microsoft provided DOS to IBM for use on the IBM
    The dates are incrrect
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    important dates 2

    1981 (June 25) Microsoft was incorporated with Bill Gates as Chairman and CEO.
    1985 Bill Gates gave keynote address at Comdex.
    1985 Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0.
    1986 Bill Gates became a billionaire at 31 years of age, the youngest person to ever do so.
    1990 Microsoft released Windows 3.0.
    1990 Microsoft sales topped $1 billion for the first time.
    1993 Bill Gates received the National Medal of Technology from President Bush.
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    Important dates 3

    1994 Bill Gates and Melinda French married in Hawaii on New Years Day.
    1994 Bill Gates became the wealthiest person in America.
    1994 Mary Gates died of breast cancer.
    1995 Microsoft released Windows 95.
    1995 Bill Gates became the wealthiest private individual.
    1995 Bill Gates was voted "most respected CEO" in IndustryWeek survey.
    1996 Internet browser war began between Microsoft and Netscape.
    1996 Bill Gates dropped to second wealthiest individual in the world.
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    Important dates 4

    1996 Jennifer Katharine Gates was born on April 26. 1997 Bill Gates sold 340,000 shares of Microsoft for $39,142,500. 1998 Bill, Melinda, and Jennifer Gates moved into their new multi-million house in Medina, Washington. 1998 Microsoft released Windows 98. 1998 Gates and Allen sold $570 million of Microsoft to diversify. 2000 Microsoft released Windows 2000 and Windows Me (Millennium Edition).
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    important dates 5

    Gates' last full-time day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. He remains at Microsoft as non-executive chairman.
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