Bill gates

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  • Bill Gates was born.

    Bill Gates was born.
    Bill Gates was born
  • Meeting New People

    Meeting New People
    Bill enrolled inro Lakeside private school where he met Paul Allen.
  • Microsoft beginning

    Microsoft beginning
    Gates wrote his first software program at age 13.
  • Harvard

    Bill enters Harvard as a pre-law major, but soon shift focus.
  • the developing of Microsoft

    the developing of Microsoft
    The idea was started when business partner Paul Allen showed Bill Gates an issue of Popular Electronics.
  • World Event 1975

    World Event 1975
    The mood ring, rubiks cube, the 8-ball all came out.
  • Bye Bye Harvard

    Bye Bye Harvard
    Bill drops Harvard after only two years of attending.
  • Marriage

    Bill and Melinda got married
  • First Child

    First Child
    Bill and Melinda had their first child, Jennifer.
  • World Event 1998

    World Event 1998
    Microsoft became the biggest company in the world
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    Bill and Melinda had their second child, Rory.
  • Third Child

    Third Child
    Bill and Melinda had their third and final child, Phoebe
  • World Event 2002

    World Event 2002
    Naval clashes between North Korea and South Korea led to the death of six Korean sailors and sinking of a North Korea vessel.
  • World Event 2009

    World Event 2009
    Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest.
  • Stepping down

    Stepping down
    Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft.