Bill Cosby

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  • Comedy Is Born

    Comedy Is Born
    Bill Cosby was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1937
  • The Navy

    The Navy
    Cosby dropped out, he had lots of jobs before he got in the U.S. Navy in 1956.
  • Gasllight Cafe

    Gasllight Cafe
    Cosby worked in a lot of clubs in Philadelphia and then he moved his work to NYC. When he was the he had a performance in the Gasllight Cafe in 1962.
  • First Time

    First Time
    Cosby's first acting assignment in the espionge series "I Spy ".
  • Television

    Cosby was in television a lot in the 1970s, with The Electric Company, the animated Fat Albert, and the Cosby Kids
  • The Cosby Show

    The Cosby Show
    Cosby's most successful work was, The Cosby Show,he appeared on NBC from 1984 to 1992.
  • Golden Globe

    Golden Globe
    in 1984 Cosby won the Golden Globe for the Cosby Show .
  • Kennedy awards

    Kennedy awards
    In 1998, Cosby was an honoree at the Kennedy Center Awards.
  • little bill

    little bill
    In 1999, Cosby developed Little Bill for Nickelodeon.
  • Grammy Award

    Grammy Award
    Bill Cosby won a Grammy Award for best comedy Performance in "I Started Out as a Child".
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    Bill Cosby

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    First Time

    Cosby's first acting assignment,in the epspionge series "I Spy".