Bethany Peart 6S

  • Jan 1, 1160

    Robin Hood

  • Apr 13, 1570

    Guy Fawkes

  • William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare
    Want to know more about him?
    William Shakespeare was a very famous playwriter and poet. He wrote one of his most famous plays "Romeo and Juliet " was written in 1594. His Mother was called Mary Arden. His was born in Stafford -Upon - Trent
  • Edward Jenner

    Edward Jenner
    <a href='' >Want to know more about edward Jenner?</a>Edward jenner was the clever country doctor that found the lifesaving cure to smalllpox. He was born in the small villige of Berkley Gloustershire.
  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II
    extra information about Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth's Full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. She lives in Buckingham Palace and she is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.