Benjamin Franklin timeline

  • Period: to

    life of Benjamin Franklin

  • Brother started a newspaper

    Brother started a newspaper
    It was the second newspaper in America and was called the New England Courant
  • Started writing anonymous letters

    Started writing anonymous letters
    Ben started writing letters to his brothers news paper under the name Silence Dogood.
  • Brother was imprisoned

    Brother was imprisoned
    One of the stories in their newspaper gave offense to someone and he was taken up, censured and imprisoned for a month.
  • Left Boston

    He left Boston for Philidelphia to start his own printing business.
  • Left Philadelphia

  • Arrived in New York

  • Started keeping a journal about what he does

    Started keeping a journal about what he does
    in 1740 Ben started to write down what he did. Helped him later when he started his autobiography.
  • Started pursuing moral perfection

    Started pursuing moral perfection
    started striving for moral perfection.
  • 13 virtues

    Ben came up with these as a guide to the project of achieving moral perfection.
  • Retired from printing to become scientist

  • kite and key experiment

    Benjamin Franklin conducted an experiment with lightning using a kite and key.
  • First section of Autobiography written

    First section of Autobiography written
    Ben started his autobiography with the first section wihich became one of many.