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Benjamin Franklin Timeline

  • Bens Brother

    Bens Brother
    Benjamins brother started a newspaper called the "New England Courant."
  • Printing Press

    Printing Press
    Benjamin started working for his brother by printing off the sheets, composing the types, and delivering the paper.
  • Contributing Articles

    Contributing Articles
    Benjamin wrote articles to be printed in his brothers paper as anonymous.
  • Hard Time

    Hard Time
    Bens brother goes to prison because he angered the government with an article he wrote.
  • Ben Takes Over

    Ben Takes Over
    Ben takes over the newspaper after his brother goes to jail.
  • Brothers Fight

    Brothers Fight
    Bens brother runs Ben out of town after he got out of jail because they weren't getting along.
  • Looking For Work

    Looking For Work
    Ben Arrives at Boston and starts job hunting.
  • Off To Boston

    Off To Boston
    Ben starts his journey to Boston to find work.
  • Making Friends

    Making Friends
    Ben talks to a guy in Boston about getting a job as a printing press but there aren't any openings. Ben hears of a job in Philadelphia so he heads out.
  • Arriving in Philadelphia

    Arriving in Philadelphia
    Ben gets to Philadelphia and tries to start his career.
  • Improving Himself

    Improving Himself
    Ben decides to stop sinning and writes a book about how to be a good Christian and make up for all of your mistakes.