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Benjamin Franklin Timeline

  • Benjamin Franklins dad was born

  • Period: to

    Benjamin Franklin time line

  • Benjamin Franklins Brother James Franklin was born.

  • Benjamin Franklin was born

    Benjamin Franklin was born
  • Benjamin Franklin invents swim fins to swim faster.

  • Benjamin Franklin Finished formal schoolling.

  • Benjamin Franklin worked for his brother James, as a printers apprentice.

  • James Franklin starts publishing the courant.

  • Writes the Silence Dogood essays.

  • Leaves Boston, and ultimately ends up in Philadelphia, were he works as a printer.

  • Moves to London. Was originally there to buy printing equipment, but when promised financing fell through, became employed as a printer.

  • Publishes " A Dissertation Upon Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain," believed to be his first published pamphlet.

  • Moved back to Philadelphia, becoming employed for his sponsor outside of the printing business.

  • Opened a printing business with a partner, Hugh Meredith.

  • Purchased th Pennsylvania Gazette and became owner/publisher.

  • Writes the Busy Body essays.

  • Buys out his partner to become sole owner of his printing company.

  • Benjamin Franklin and his wife Deborah established common-law marriage

  • Founded the first lending library.

  • Benjamin franklin had a son named William Franklin

    Benjamin franklin had a son named William Franklin
  • Publishes the first edition of Poor Richard's Almanack. The publication continues for 25 years and brings Franklin financial success.

  • became a Grand Master of a Masonic Lodge.

  • Benjamin Franklins brother James Franklin died

  • Became clerk of the Pennsylvania Assembly.

  • Founded the Union Fire Company.

  • Benjamin Franklins son Francis Folger Franklin died of smallpox

  • Benjamin appointed the Postmaster of Philadelphia

  • Benjamin Franklin invented th Pennsylvania Fireplce, later called the Franklin Stove.

  • Proposed starting the University of Pennsylvania

  • Benjamin Franklin Founded the American Philosophical Society.

  • Benjamin franklin had a daughter named Sarah

    Benjamin franklin had a daughter named Sarah
  • Benjamin Franklins dad died

  • Benjamin Franklin intrest in electricity prompts Franklin to work on several experiments.

  • Benjamin Franklin publishes the first political cartoon, in a pamphlet called The Plain Truth, about the need for military preparedness.

  • Benjamin Franklin retires from the business of printing.

  • Benjamin Franklin joins the Pennsylvania milita as a soldier.

  • Benjamin Franklin publishes a book titles Experiments and Observations on Electricity.

  • Benjamin Franklin conducts an experiment with a kite in a lightning storm which provide evidence to his theory that lightning is related to electricity.

  • Benjamin Franklin wrote about the unification of the colonies for the purposes of defense.

  • Benjamin Franklin founded the first fire insurance company.

  • Benjamin Frankklin is appointed joint Deputy Postmaster of the United States.

  • At the Albany Confrence, Benjamin Franklin agin proposes clonial unification.

  • Benjamin Franklin invents a new type of street lamp.

  • Benjamin Franklins role as a statesman grows as he lives in England as the representative from the Pennsylavania Assembaly and sevral other colonies.

  • Benjamin Franklin returns to Philadelphia

  • Benjamin Franklin creates a postal map of thr colonies.

  • Benjamin Franklin examined in the house of commons because of his support of the repeal of the stamp act.

  • In London, Benjamin Franklin is admonished for his role in the "Hutchinson letteres affair."

  • Benjamin Franklin's wife died

  • Beanjamin Franklin is elected as a delegate of Pennsylvania to the seconed Continetal Congress.

  • Benjamin Franklin is elected Postmaster Gemral of the clonies.

  • Benjamin Franklin submits the "Articles of Confederation of the United States.

  • Benjamin Franklin leaves for France as a Commissioner of Congress.

  • Benjamin Franklin presided over Pennsylvania's Constitutional Convention.

  • Benjamin Franklin sighns the Deaclaration of Independence.

  • Benjamin Franklin serves on the "Committee of Five" who draft the Declaration of Independence.

  • Benjamin Franklin negotiates the "Treaty of Alliance WIth France"

  • Benjamin Franklin appointed as Minister to France.

  • Benjamin Franklin starts negotiation for peace with the Great Britain. Insists on including France in the treaty.

  • Invents the bifocal lens.

  • Benjamin Franklin signed the Definitive treaty of peace between great britain and the United States, called the "Paris Peace Treaty," formally ending the American Revolution,

  • Benjamin Franklin proposes advancing the clock one hour in summer months to provide more daylight.

  • Elected president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery.

  • Benjamin Franklin sighns th Constitution of the United States

  • Benjamin Franklin serves as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

  • Benjamin Franklin died

    Benjamin Franklin died
  • Benjamin Franklins daughter Sarah died

    Benjamin Franklins daughter Sarah died
  • Benjamin Franklin's son William died.

    Benjamin Franklin's son William died.