Benjamin Franklin Life- Stephen Shoe

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    Benjamin Franklin's Life

    The life of Benjamin Franklin
  • His Birth

    His Birth
    Benjamin Franklin was born in this year.
  • Printing Press

    Printing Press
    Benjamin Franklin's brother started a printing press in Boston.
  • Articles

    Benjamin Franklin started writing anonymously for his brother's newspaper.
  • Bad Brother

    Bad Brother
    Benjamin's brother wrote an article that the assembly didn't like and was put in jail.
  • Take over

    Take over
    Benjamin Franklin takes over his brother's business.
  • Brother Fight

    Brother Fight
    When Benjamin's brother got out of jail her ran Ben out of town because they weren't getting along.
  • Looking For Jobs

    Looking For Jobs
    Benjamin looks around for jobs in Boston so he can earn some money.
  • Hunting

    Once Benjamin arrives to Boston he starts hunting for jobs so he can raise some money.
  • Friends In Low Places

    Friends In Low Places
    Benjamin talks to a people in Boston about getting a job where he can operate a printing press but there aren't any openings. He hears of a job in Philadelphia so he continues his journey and heads out that way.
  • Boat Trip

    Boat Trip
    Benjamin Franklin took a boat to New Jersey and continues to go to Philadelphia.
  • Finally Arrives

    Finally Arrives
    Benjamin arrives in Philadelphia and continues to look for a job.
  • Making A Better Benjamin

    Making A Better Benjamin
    Benjamin decides to start writing a book about how to be a good Christian person and he also decided to stop sinning. He did this to try to make up for all his mistakes and try to be a better person.