Benjamin Franklin

  • Birth of Benjamin Franklin

    Birth of Benjamin Franklin
    Was burn in Boston. Was 15th of 17 children in family of emigrant from England Josiah Franklin. Educated yourself.
  • founded in Philadelphia own printing.

    Published "the Pennsylvania newspaper"
  • Philadelphia discussion group of craftsmen and traders' Club Leather Apron "

    turned to the American Philosophical Society, whose members were elected to 24 Russian scientists
  • Founded the first public library in America

  • Period: to

    Yearbook "Poor Richard's Almanac."

  • He was a Mason

    was a member of the greatest Masonic lodge "Nine Sisters"
  • American Philosophical Society

  • Author of the aphorism "Time is money"

    (from the "advices to the young merchant"
  • founded the Philadelphia Academy

    became the basis of the University of Pennsylvania
  • was sent as ambassador to France

    order to achieve union with her against England, as well as the loan.
  • was elected member of the academies of many countries

    including the Russian Academy of Sciences (the first American member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences).
  • One of the authors of the U.S. Constitution

  • Death of Benjamin Franklin

    At his funeral in Philadelphia were about 20 thousand people.