• richadr starkey is born inliver pool he later changed his name to ringo star
  • john lennon is born in liverpool

  • paul mccarteny is born

  • george harrison is born

  • firs public perfomance

    played in rosebery street empire day
  • the quarry men debute at the cqrven club in liver pool

  • the quarry men at new clubmoor hall in norris green,

  • julia stanley ,john's mother died. she was fatally struck down by a car driven by an off duty police officer who was druck

  • the quarry men perfrom at georges brother harrys wedding

  • george harrison is 17

  • the quarry men change their name to the beatals

  • Allan williams becomes the groups agent and part time manager. they recruit a drummer tommy moore and change there name to the silver beatles

  • the silver beatled perform in seaforth

  • tommy moore quits the group

  • paul mccartney is 18

  • harrison depoted for being underage 17

  • recording love me do

    they worked on there song between 4 & 11 sep 1962
  • love me do relased in the UK

  • recoding please please me

  • FINALE 13 nights at the star club in hamburg

    18-31 1962 DEC