Beastly Timeline

  • Ballot Protest

    Kendra, the witch, protests against Kyle and the ballot.
  • Spring Dance

    The spring dance comes around. Kyle goes with Sloane stands Kendra up, making a fool out of her. To teach him a lesson, Kendra transforms Kyle into a beast. Also, at the dance, Kyle gives Sloane’s rejected rose corsage to a ticket keeper named Lindy.
  • Failue to Break the Curse

    Not aware of the curse, Kyle invites Sloane over in an attempt to break the it. It is a failure.
  • Father Knows All

    Kyle reveals his new form to his father.
  • Period: to

    Doctors Can't Break the Curse

    After meeting with multiple doctors, witches, and voodoo people, Kyle and his father accept the fact that they can’t change him back without breaking the curse.
  • New Crib

    Kyle’s father dumps him in a townhouse with only his housekeeper, Magda.
  • New Tutor

    Kyle's dad hires a tutor, Will, to come live with him.
  • New Name

    Kyle changes his name to Adrian. He does this because Kyle means “handsome.” He is not handsome. Adrian means “dark one,” which is more suitable than Feo, meaning “ugly.”
  • Halloween Party

    On Halloween Adrian decides to go into the city, able to since his beast form resembles a costume. He wanders to a party and meets a girl. They dance, but as she tries to take off his “mask,” Adrian tries to escape her grasp and accidentally breaks her arm as he runs off.
  • Green House

    Adrian decides to build a greenhouse, in which becomes his sanctuary of sorts, planting and maintaining his many roses.
  • The Intruder in the Garden

    A mysterious burglar, Daniel Owens, breaks into the townhouse. In exchange for his freedom, Daniel agrees to give his daughter, Lindy, to Adrian. Adrian does this in hope that Lindy will break the curse.
  • Lindy Arrives

    Daniel brings Lindy to the townhouse a week later. Lindy is skeptical of the “monster” living there. As well, she feels betrayed by her father and locks herself in her new room, refusing to speak to or see Will, Magda, and especially, Adrian.
  • Lindy Talks to Adrian

    One night during a storm, Adrian decides to watch TV on the second floor. Lindy decides to come out and confront Adrian. She sees his beast form, and begins to understand him.
  • The 5th Floor

    Adrian and Lindy venture up to the 5th floor of the house. It is up there, that Adrian gains hope.
  • Lindy Sees Snow

    So that Lindy can see the snow again, Adrian takes her to a lakehouse in the mountains.
  • Adrian lets Lindy go

    One night at the lakehouse, Adrian shows Lindy his magic mirror. After seeing her father in poor condition, Adrian lets Lindy so she can save him. She promises to return.
  • Adrian Goes Back

    After spending the entire winter at the lakehouse, Adrian, Will, and Magda go back to Brooklyn.
  • Adrian saves Lindy

    Adrian witnesses Lindy being abducted through the mirror. He goes to saves her, but reveals himself to the public in the process.
  • Lindy Breaks the Curse

    As Adrian is saving Lindy, he is shot. Adrian confesses his love to her and as a reply, she kisses him. Breaking the curse, Adrian is instantly healed. Adrian takes Lindy back to his house where she meets his father. Later in the morning, Adrian sees Will, who has gained back his eyesight thanks to a deal Adrian made with Kendra. Adrian and Lindy meet Kindra on the roof where she reveals that she was Magda the whole time.
  • Epilouque

    Adrian and Lindy are seniors and back at Tuttle. Will is a teacher there. It is the night of the spring dance. And Lindy, of course, is going with Adrian.