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Battle of the Somme

By ella_k
  • Planning

    During December 1915, Allied forces agree to a joint attack, coinciding with the Italian attacks set to begin in 1916
  • Germans attacked first

    Germans attacked first
    German forces made an offencive attack on Verdun, France, leaving the French forces to defend and fight back.
  • British Bombardment

    British Bombardment
    British forces launch crudely-made artillery onto the German bunkers.
  • Start of the Battle of Albert

    Start of the Battle of Albert
    First Phase of the Somme, lasting till 13th of July
  • Battle of Albert (1)

    Battle of Albert (1)
    At 7:28am, mines were set off, beneath German lines. This devistated the enemy lines in major strength points, rendering the Germans weak in certain spots.
  • Battle of Albert (2)

    At 7:30am, the artillery was shifted to deeper inside German lines, as thousands of British infantry climbed from their trenches to attack the Germans.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Albert

    First offencive attack by Allied Forces commences as the first phase
  • End of the Battle of Albert

  • Battle for Bazentin Ridge

    Battle for Bazentin Ridge
    British divisions gain control over Delville Wood and high wood, but struggle with maintaining control for months. The woods were strategic positions for the Germans for months, and so it took some time to clear out the whole area for complete control.
  • Battle of Pozieres

    Battle of Pozieres
    Australian forces fight for the capture of Pozieres, a French town
  • Appearance of Tanks

    Appearance of Tanks
  • Start of the Battle of the Ancre

    Start of the Battle of the Ancre
    Start of the last offensive attack on the Germans, initiating the capture of the village of Beaumont Hamel, one of the original objectives.
  • End of the Battle of the Somme

    End of the Battle of the Somme
    End of the Battle of the Somme, with the Germans 'petering' out, and abandoning the battle to leave the British to 'victory' - but the losses on the British side was greater than the Germans, with 432,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers recorded dead, while German Forces had 230,000 casualties, and French sitting on 200,000 casualties.