Baroque music and American history timeline

  • J.s Bach started baroque

    Believed to be that J.S Bach started and formed the baroque era
  • Death of Elizabeth l

    death of Elizabeth 1 she was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty
  • L’Orfeo lost his lover

    L’Orfeo lost his lover due to a snake bite, then tried to bring her back by going to the land of the dead. Yet ended up killing her again
  • Establishment of James town

    establishment of Jamestown first permanent English establishment settlement in Americas.
  • Claudio composed L’Orfeo

    Claudio Monteverdi composed L’Orfeo and it was a court performance
  • Slavery

    slavery begins in Virginia
  • Arrival of pilgrims

    arrival of pilgrims the Mayflower arrived in America after a 66 day voyage.
  • Harvard college

    Harvard college founded oldest higher education institution in the United States
  • Claudio dies

    Claudio Monteverdi dies in Venice, Italy
  • Salem witch trials begin

    Salem witch trials begin more than 200 people accused of practicing for witchcraft
  • Clarinet is invented

    The clarinet is invented by Johann Christoph by modifying the chalumeau
  • J.S Bach composed

    Johann Sebastian Bach composed and presented Brandenburg Concertos to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schewdt