Aviation Timeline

  • Physics of Flight

    Physics of Flight
    Sir George Cayley, first true scientific aerial investigator, sometimes called "Father of Aviation" and "Father of He was the designer of the first successful glider to carry a human being aloft, and he discovered four aerodynamic forces of flight—weight, lift, drag, and thrust—which are in effect on every flight machine.
  • Successful Model Hang Glider Flight

    Successful Model Hang Glider Flight
    Cayley has successful flight of first hang glider model.
  • Steam-Powered Model Glider

    Steam-Powered Model Glider
    John Stringfellow creates first steam-powered glider
  • Towed, Controlled, and Manned Glider Flight

    Towed, Controlled, and Manned Glider Flight
    Sir George Cayley conducts first manned, towed, and controlled glider flight. It was flown by an unknown 10 year-old boy.
  • First Airship

    First Airship
    First fully controllable, lighter then air, free flight of an airship is conducted.
  • Ader Eole

    Ader Eole
    Ader Eole, also called the Avion achived a successful flight.
  • Controlled Hang Glider Flights

    Controlled Hang Glider Flights
    Otto Lilienthal conducts controlled hang glider flights from 1891 to 1896.