• Jamestown

    Jamestown is where Columbus and his men settled in at. The first kind of "boom town"
  • Mayflower

    The Mayflower came to America with many of pilgrams.
  • Pilgrams Suprise attack

    Pilgrams Suprise attack
    The Pilgrams and the native Pokonoa supried attack on this other native american tribe.
  • 8000 More British Troops

    8000 More British Troops
    The british send more troops over to help fight the war.
  • New York is Siezed By Britian

    New York is Siezed By Britian
    New York is capture by the British and people thought it would be a quick war in the British favor.
  • Only Two Cannon Post Remain

    Only Two Cannon Post Remain
    By this time of the war there is only two cannon post that remain "useable"
  • British Surrender

    British Surrender
    The British surrendered to end the war.
  • British take over Port

    British take over Port
    The British troops take over a main port for trade and block off all goods coming in as well as goin out.
  • Boston Massacure

    Boston Massacure
    The Boston MassacureA street fight between some patriots and some British troops. Ended up being a bad situation for the patriots
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    this event happened because the rebels went on a ship and dumped out all the tea in the harbor.
  • America Prepares for War

    America Prepares for War
    America is preparing for war by gathering supplies and soldiers. They also had a little training envovled too.
  • Daniel Boon goes through Cumberland Gap

    Daniel Boon goes through Cumberland Gap
    Daniel Boone crosses through the cumberland gap which has not yet been passed threw.
  • Boon crosses into Shawnee Territory.

    Boon crosses into Shawnee Territory.
    Boon crosses into the shawnee indian territory and they dont like it.
  • Attack on Lexington And Concord

    Attack on Lexington And Concord
    The British are coming to Lexington and Concord to sieze all weapons. 60 americans and hundreds of British. No one knows who fired the first shot.
  • Town Militia Put Through Training

    Town Militia Put Through Training
    After Lextiong and Concord they got more soldiers invovled and they are put threw training to prepare.
  • More british Troops Come to War

    More british Troops Come to War
    Even more british troops come to fight the war.
  • Decloration Singed

    Decloration Singed
    Delegates ratify the most importan document. the decloration of independence
  • British Ships Fire On New York

     British Ships Fire On New York
    The british brought their navy in and were posted up in the harbor and they began to fire on New York.
  • New York Under Fire

    New York Under Fire
    New York is now completely under fire and trying to hold the british back.
  • General Burgullion Surrender

    General Burgullion Surrender
    General Burgullion surrenders which is a kind if turning point in the war.
  • Baren Bon Stoben

    Baren Bon Stoben
    Stoben came to the U.S from russia and trained the troops to an even higher standard and they say that his methods stuck.
  • British Suprise Attack

    British Suprise Attack
    the British try to pull a suprise attack on the U.S troops.
  • Battle at Yorktown, NY

    Battle at Yorktown, NY
    The battle at Yorktown was an important battle won by the U.S troops.
  • Washington Inogerated 1st President

    Washington Inogerated 1st President
    washingtonGeorge Washington was Inogerated as the very first president of the United States of America.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    cotton ginThe cotton gin was produced by Eli Whittney and it allowed people to make more cotton at less work.
  • Indiana wilderness

    Indiana wilderness
    indiana wilderness60 years later what was all forrest is now fertile farm land.
  • Native American Relocation Act

    Native American Relocation Act
    trail of tearsPrresident Andrew Jackson pushed to pass a traety that relocated all the native americans that were west of the Mississippi. This was also known as the trail of tears.
  • Modern factory born

    Modern factory born
    factoryBy the 1800s there were 900 factories spinning cotton alone. Cotton had expanded 56 times since the 1700s.
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman
    tubmanShe freed over 300 blacks from slavery in her dream to be free.
  • Cowboys

    cowboysCowboys are on their last 20 years. They were made to run cattle from Texas to the railroad.
  • Lousiana Teritory

    Lousiana Teritory
    [Loisiana purchase]( states purchased the Lousiana Territory from France for $15 million.
  • Lewis and Clark explore west

    Lewis and Clark explore west
    Lewis and ClarkPresident Jefferson sent his secretary who brought clark. they were assigned to explore farther west.
  • Lewis and Clark first to Pacific Ocean

    Lewis and Clark first to Pacific Ocean
    Lewis and Clark- PacificThey reach the Pacific Ocean at the Columbia River mouth. One year six months and one day after leaving St. Louis Missouri in search of the Northwest Passage.
  • Paddle boat launched

  • Milk Sickness

    Milk Sickness
    Milk SicknessA sickness that causes death and came from cows eating poisinous plants.
  • Trappers go through rockies

    Trappers go through rockies
    trappersTrappers pretty well paved the way through the west for pilgrims.
  • Industrial revolution

    Industrial revolution
    Industrial RevolutionThe Industrial Revolution started after steam egines and after WWI.
  • Eire Canal

    Eire Canal
    erie canalIt's proposed in 1808 and completed in 1825. Tthe canal links Lake Erie in the west to the Hudson River in the east.
  • 1/2 worlds cotton

    1/2 worlds cotton
    CottonCotton was the largest export by far. The US sold more cotton than all other countries combined.
  • Colt 45

    Colt 45
    colt 45The Colt was considered to be the fastest gun in the west. Sam Colt was the inventor.
  • Alamo

    alamoThe batttle lasted 13 days. From February 23 - March 6, 1836. The final battle of the Alamo in 1836 is the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history.
  • Women Protest

    Women Protest
    women protest Women protest for equal pay for equal work.
  • Milionare

    millionareIn 1840 the word millionare was first invented. The richest guy in town owned 45'000 acres.
  • Fredrick Douglas

    Fredrick Douglas
    Fredrick DouglasHe was an African American who was one of the best human-rights leaders of the 19th century.
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans
    New Orleans was considered ground zero for slave trade.
  • Moorse Code invented

    Moorse Code invented
    Moorse codeThe Moorse code was a way to send messages to the army from distances. It worked by lights flashing and beats and how many times they each went.
  • 1'000"s of people travel 2'000 miles to new land

    1'000"s of people travel 2'000 miles to new land
  • Wagon Train heads west

    Wagon Train heads west
  • They eat their first human

    They eat their first human
  • Marshall finds gold nuget in river

    Marshall finds gold nuget in river
  • California goes from 15'00 people to 100'000

    California goes from 15'00 people to 100'000
    CaliforniaThe gold rush California jump when they grow from 15,000 to 100,000.
  • 3/4 world's cotton

    3/4 world's cotton
  • Mens clothing

    Mens clothing
  • Slave law comes to north

    Slave law comes to north
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Elevator

    Elisha Otis actually did not invent the elevator but he did invent the brake which made skyscrapers that much better.
  • Capture of Federal Arsonal

    Capture of Federal Arsonal
    Harper's FerryJohn Brown tried to sieze Harper's Ferry but got beat by Robert E. Lee
  • Brown Executed

    Brown Executed
    brownJohn Brown was caught and sentenced to die following his raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    lincolnLicoln won the election and became president.
  • South Suceeds

    South Suceeds
    succeedSouth Carolina seceded from the Union. Within two months by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.
  • Confederate states born

    Confederate states born
    Abraham Licoln was also inogerated at the same time.
  • First shot fired

    First shot fired
  • civil war at its height

    civil war at its height
  • 2nd battle of Bullrun

    2nd battle of Bullrun
  • minnie ball

    minnie ball
  • telegraph

  • Robert E. Lee getting ready to attack north

    Robert E. Lee getting ready to attack north
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    gettysburg addressthis was known as the most import speech that President Lincoln had ever given.
  • Railroad

    railroadThe railroad hasn't yet reached Texas where thousands of cattle run free.
  • Railroad done

    Railroad done
    railroadThe railroad was finially finished and in use. the railroad was used for alot of transportaion of steel.
  • Andrew Carnagee

    Andrew Carnagee
    andrew carnagieCarnagee was the guy who founded an easier way to make steel and went big and made a steel factory in Pittsburg.
  • Locust Plague

    Locust Plague
    Locust plagueThe locust Plage covered the skies in an all black looking way.
  • Price of Colt

    Price of Colt
    price of the coltAround this time the Colt only cost around 17 dollars
  • Washing Machince

  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    barbwireFarmers put up Barbed wire fences to keep the cowboys from running cattle through their fields.
  • Testing

    CarnagieCarnagee and his team finaly got to the point of testing the giant heater that melts the steel. It burns so hot that it good desintgrate a human in seconds.
  • Treaties

    Treaties371 treaties were made to try and get Indians off their reservations.
  • Edison

    The history of the incandescent light bulbThomas Edison invented the lightbulb. the most important part of the bulb is the carbonized cardboard filiment that makes it glow that can last up to forty hours.
  • Light bulb

    Light bulb
    lightbulbEdison is so proud of his invention he can't help but show it off.
  • Time

    standard timeStandard time was produced along with four different time zones.
  • Statue of liberty

    Statue of liberty
    statue of libertythe statue of liberty was given to the U.S from France. It was made out of concrete and steel. the base was the biggest concrete structure in the U.S.
  • Steamboats

    steamboatsSteamboat began in America in 1787. John Fitch made the first successful trial of a 45 foot steamboat on the Delaware River.
  • Thomas Burns

    Thomas Burns
    thomas burnsThomas Burns created the first national crime registry using mug shot to bring New York criminals to justice. He was considered to be the best cop by taking everything to the third degree.
  • Indians

    indiansOn this date the Sue Indians made their last stand and finially gave up.
  • Head back east

    Roughly around half the population of Nebraska turned back east.
  • Lumber

    lumber2 billion feet of lumber cut in Wisconsin only.
  • Horses

    horsesHorses were brought over from Europe. And now there is Mustang that run free.
  • Catalogue

    CatalougeSears published the first 700 page catalog.
  • Triangle Building

    Triangle Building
    triangle buildingfireThey decided to build this triangle shaped building at the intersection of three streets. There was a lot of commotion going on about the building by saying that it created bad winds and they were damaging houses down the road. Also they kept complaining that it was gonna fall over.
  • steel

    steelby the 1900's there was 11 million tons of steel in the U.S
  • spindle top

    spindle top
    spindle topTexas first oil reserve. The Hamel brothers drilled for 2 months, 1100 feet and found oil.
  • Bread Basket

    Bread Basket
    bread basketAmerica was considered the bread basket of the world because almost all the west was wheat. It was the first time america was able to feed itself.
  • Need water

    Need water
    William mulhollandLA is running out of water. So now William Mulholland is in charge of finding a source of water to draw from.
  • Sewers

    sewersat this point in time there was 4040 sewers in America
  • Fire

    fireThere was a fire at the Triangle Shirt Waste Factory building. The fire was completley extinguished in a half an hour. 164 people died.
  • LA Aqueduct

    LA Aqueduct
    LA AqueductThe LA Aqueduct was completed. They pulled water from the Owens River Valley.
  • Assembly line

    Assembly line
    assembly lineFord had enough investors to start a mass production on the model T. the assembly line made it possible for Ford to make a car in an hour and 33 minnutes. the price fell from a $1000t o $360.
  • Roscoe Sheller

    Roscoe Sheller
    Roscoe shellerRoscoe became the best car salesman around by selling Tin Lizzies. He took the people for test drives. He sold to anyone that could reach the pedals. later he owned his own company selling Fords.
  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration
    The Great migrationFrom 1915 to 1970 more than 6 million african american moved from southern cities to the northeast and midwest.
  • Eugine

    EugineOn a michigan lake beach Eugione Williams and friends were playing on a raft and white people were throwing rocks at him and he died and started the Chicago Race Riot.
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam
    hoover damThe Hoover Dam was built by Frank "hurry up" Crow. The dam was finished a couple years ahead of the time it was expected to be done. Said to be the largest dam ever built.
  • The Radio

    The Radio
    radioThe Radio was a big thing in the thirty because it gave people around the U.S the ability to know what was goin on.
  • Radar

    radarRadar was used in Pearl Harbor and is still in use by the military to this date.
  • Dust bowl

    Dust bowl
    dust bowlThe Dust Bowl started in the west where Louise(big vegas actress) and her daughter were caught in the middle of it. it spread from Colorado to the Atlantic Ocean at a spped of 65 MPH.
  • Joe Louis

    Joe Louis
    joeJoe Louis fought a German for the number 1 contender for the heavy weight champ.
  • Rematch

    joe louisJoe Louis had demanded for a rematch and one within the first round. This was a significant fight because it marked the beggining of WWII.
  • Jeep

    jeepit was a small, four-wheel drive vehicle that was 37" high. It was produced by the American Bantam Car Co.,
  • Mt. Rushmore

    Mt. Rushmore
    RushmoreMount Rushmore was built by Doane Robinson to honor the people sculpted on it.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    pearl harbor183 Japanese fighter and bomber planes blow up the U.S Naval Base.
  • Daylight Bombing

    Daylight Bombing
    bombingB-17 planes go for some high altitude percision bombing to take out German Rail Yard.
  • Military is segregated

    Military is segregated
  • Interstate

  • Credit card

  • 1st intercontinental missel

  • Cuban Missel Crisis

  • MLK jr. led march on washington

  • Civil rights movement passed

  • Woodstock

    biggest music party
  • space shuttle

  • Challanger explodes on live tv

  • Terroist attack on twin towers