Atomic Theory Timeline

  • 400 BCE


    -discovered atoms cant be cut
    -named the smallest piece of matter
    -was not able to perform
  • 300 BCE


    -death of chemistry -air, fire, water, earth - hot, cold, dry, wet - was widely accepted
  • John Dalton

    -Atoms can be cut down -Credited with atoms
  • Thomson

    -Discovered the electron -Plum Pudding Model
  • Rutherford

    -Nucleus: Protons + neutrons -Gold Foil Experiment -Debunked Thomsons theory
  • Bohr

    -Electrons move around(orbit) the nucleus -Certain distance from the nucleus
  • Modern Cloud Theory

    -Scientist: Schrodinger, Heisenburg, Einstein, and many other scientists -Electrons do not move in orbit, they move very quickly