Atomic modle

atomic modle by cole rapp

  • Period: 400 to

    atomic modle ideas through time

  • 460

    Democratiseus idea

    Democratiseus idea
    Democratus asked "If you break an object in half and you break it in half again and you keep doing this, untill you can break it no more, what are these particles called?" EX. cut foil in half repetedly untill you can't anymore.
  • 460

    Arostotole's opinion

    Arostotole's opinion
    Arostotle's opinion was very important to the people, so what he belived the people belived.He belived that Democratus' idea was worthless, so the people belived the same thing, Democratus stoped wondering and then no one thought about the idea for a very, very long time. All Arostotle had to do was say that the idea was worthless.
  • John daltons' modle

     John daltons' modle
    John belived atoms were so tiny, and that they were hollow and indestructable. Dalton made wooden spheres to represent atoms.
  • J.J. Thompson's modle

    J.J. Thompson's modle
    J.J. is the one who discovered the electron, he belives electrons are hidden inside a positiv charge. Thomas used a device that seals low gas pressure in and uses a beam of light that bounce off two metal disks.
  • Max Planck's model

    Max Planck's model
    He came up with a theory that perfectly explained the experimental evidence.His idea was sent to the discrete packets, and they said "Why does a hot iron poker glow red and white?"
  • Hantaro Nagaoka's model

    Hantaro Nagaoka's model
    Says that an atom has a central nucleus and electrons orbit aroun it like "Saturns' rings". He proved this by making a model of an atom surronded by rings, that represented Saturn's rings.
  • Ernest Ruthofordds' model

    Ernest Ruthofordds' model
    Says that an aqtom has a dense positive charged neculeus, and that electrons move randomly in the space around it.He asked his student what happened to alpha particles when they pass through a thin shhet of gold.He made a "plum-pudding" model.
  • Marsden's Model

    Marsden's Model
    He shot a beam of alpha particles at a piece of gold foil.He put a material around the gold so that when struck by a fast moving alpha particle, the material flashed. This allowed him to figure out the path of an alpha particle after it passed through the gold
  • Neil Bohr's Model

    Neil Bohr's Model
    In his model, the electrons moved in sphiricle orbits at a certain distance from the neucleus. He created a diagra, Which led to the diagram of the sun and the plants revolving around it that we see today.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    He debated quantim mechanics and the uncirtinty principle with Neil Bohr, that he never agreed with. Then in 1939 he sighned a letter to president rosevelt saying that Germany could produce Atomic wepons.
  • Louis de Brogile

    Louis de Brogile
    He thinks that moving particles (like some electrons) carrier some properties of waves. Within a couple of years evidence is collected that supports the idea.
  • Erwin Schrodingers' Model

    Erwin Schrodingers' Model
    He devolopes mathmatical equations do describe how electrons move inside of atoms, his work leades to the "electron cloud" model.He compared his discovry to propellers, when propellers are in motion you can't count how many blades their are.But when they are still, you can easly count the number of blades.
  • James Chadwick's model

    James Chadwick's model
    He confirms that neutrons exist, which have no charge.Atomic Nuclei contain neutrons and positively charged protons.He compares his discovery's to a person on a balence beam, they are not that stable because, they are standing on somthing that is only ten centimeters wide.But if they were to stand on somthing wider, they would be a lot more stable.