Atomic Model Deveopment

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    Democritus Theory

    All matter consisted of very small particles that couldn't be divided
  • Dalton Model

    Dalton Model
    All matter is made up of individual atoms, which cant be divided.
  • Thompson Model

    Thompson Model
    Thompson discovered that atoms are made of even smaller particles. He discovered the electron, and made the plum-pudding model.
  • Hantaro Nagaoka

    Hantaro Nagaoka
    All atoms have a central nucleus. Electrons orbit around it.
  • Rutherford Model

    Rutherford Model
    All of an atoms positive charge is located in its nucleus.
  • Bohr Model

    Bohr Model
    Neils Bohr found that a electron can move from one energy level to another, when atoms gain or lose energy.
  • Louis de Broglie

    Louis de Broglie
    porposed that electtrons have some properties of the waves
  • Electron Cloud Model

    Electron Cloud Model
    Erwin Schrodinger developed equations to describe motions of electrons in atoms. This would lead to the electron cloud model.
  • James Chadwick

    James Chadwick
    confirmed existence of neutrons, with no charge