Atom Project

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  • Dalton's 5 Atomic Theories

    Dalton's 5 Atomic Theories
  • Amedeo's Law

    Amedeo's Law
    Amedeo created a law, such that: "the relationship between the masses of the same volume of different gases corresponds to the relationship between their respective molecular weights."
  • Thompson Discovers the Electron

    Thompson Discovers the Electron
    Thomspon dicsovered the electron in 1897.
  • Einstein's Many Atomic Achivements

    Einstein's Many Atomic Achivements
    Einstein had many acheivements including atoms. The one most closely related to this project is: The theory of Atomic Vibrations.
    Which says: "Einstein proposed a model of matter where each atom in a lattice structure is an independent harmonic oscillator."
  • Rutherford

    He dicovered not only how atoms where structured, but also how nuclear atoms decayed.