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Ashley McDermott's History of the Newspaper in the United States

  • Publick Occurrences

    Publick Occurrences
    The Publick Occurrences was the first multi-paged newspaper published in the United States. It was published in Boston Massachusetts once in 1690. This paper was printed by Richard Pierce and edited by Benjamin Harris. The paper was four pages long and sadly lasted only one issue.
  • Publick Occurrences Cont.

    This paper is at the root of the American newspaper and only allowed for peoples ideas to grow. Though it did not last long it may have caused a lasting impression on the people in America to want to know what was going on around them.
  • Boston News Letter

    Boston News Letter
    The Boston News Letter was the first weekly publish paper in North America. It was published in Boston Massachusetts and was published weekly from 1704 to 1776. The first issue was only a one-sheet paper, printed on the front and back.
  • Boston News Letter Cont.

    The editor was John Campbell and the first issue had news about the British colonies and about the British countries. Stories were about their queen on the other side or even other places like Ireland, Switzerland and Scotland.
  • Boston Gazette

    Boston Gazette
    The Boston Gazette was the first successful newspaper published in North America. It was published in Boston Massachusetts and was published weekly from 1719 to 1798.
  • New England Courant

    New England Courant
    The New England Courant was the nations first independent newspaper. It was published in Boston and was a daily newspaper published from 1721 to 1726. The paper was published by James Franklin, Ben Franklins older brother.
  • New York Gazette

    New York Gazette
    The New York Gazette was the first newspaper to be publish in New York. It was publish in New York by William Bradford.
  • The New York Weekly Journal

    The New York Weekly Journal
    The New York Weekly Journal was New York’s second newspaper. It was published in New York from 1733 and John Peter Zenger was the main writer. During its publication the writers wrote about their opposing policies of the governor William Cosby.
  • The New York Weekly Journal Cont.

    On January 15, 1734 the paper was brought to the Grand Jury for being accused of breaking the law in New York. After trying multiple times to bring the newspaper down Cosby order the newspapers to be burned publicly and all journalist names to be public. Zenger then “spent nine months in jail before the famous 'libel' trial of 1735, during which time his wife, Anna, continued the publication, making her the first woman to write, edit, and publish a newspaper in New York State” (NYSED).
  • Pennsylvania Packet

    Pennsylvania Packet
    The Pennsylvania Packet was the nations first daily newspaper. It was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then founded from 1784 to 1790. The paper had a daily advertiser and on September 21 1796, it was the first to publish George Washington’s farewell address.
  • New York Daily Times

    New York Daily Times
    The New York Daily Times is one of the longest lasting newspapers in American history. It was published in New York, New York from 1851 to 1922. Then in 1857 and present day it is now called the New York Times. Overtime the Times has become one of the most popular papers selling all over the country daily and even world wide.