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  • 322

    Aristotle's Death

    Aristotle flees to Chalcis and soon dies there. He leaves a will for many friends and his children. His body was burned next to his wife.
  • Period: 322 to


  • 323

    Alexander's death

    Alexander dies and Aristotle is accused of impunity for a sad poem he wrote to Hermias. Aristotle flees to Chalcis before they can execute him.
  • 336

    Aristotle's Academy

    In 336 Aristotle returns to Athens. He decides to build his own Academy. He names it The Lyceum. He builds a library and recruits intelligent students to his academy where they discussed things in the garden. He gave lectures that were open to the public and free.
  • 341

    Hermias Death

    In 341 Aristotle's good friend Hermias is executed. Aristotle helped Hermias establish an alliance with Macedonia which angered the persian king. The persian king had Hermias executed. Aristotle pays a tribute to Hermias by writing a poem called "Ode to Virtue", which is his only surviving poem.
  • 342

    Alexander's Tutor

    In 342 B.C Aristotle went from Mytilene to Macedonia. In Macedonia he tutored Alexander the Great and stayed there for seven years.
  • 347

    Aristotle's Marriage

    In 347 B.C Aristotle marries Hermia's daughter Pythias. They get maried in Assus. After that they move to Mytilene where he spends two years studying Marine biology and natural history.
  • 357


    When Aristotle was at the Academy he is said to have written two works between 367and 347 B.C. One was called "Topics" this work talks about how to constuct arguments for a position on as already choosen to adopt. His second work Sophistical Refutions talks about how to detect weakness in the arguments of others.
  • 367


    Aristotle's father dies, Aristotle leaves his home and goes to the Academy of Athens run by Plato. Plato recgonizes Aristotle as a genius and takes him in.
  • First University

    Plato establishes the first university, the Academy in Athens
  • Birth and Family

    Aristotle is born in the summer of 384 B.C in Stagira Greece. .His father is aphysicianto the king of Macedonia, not much is known about his mother
  • Plato's death

    Plato dies, and Aristotle leaves the Academy at Athens