AngelicaGaona;Lincolin county war

  • -Warren Henry Bristol

    The future judge and strong Murphy-Dolan-Riley supporter, is born in Genessee County, New York.
  • -John Simpson Chisum

    Born in Madison County, Tennessee.
  • -Nathan Augustus Monroe Dudley

    Born in Lexington, Massachusetts.
  • -Lewis Wallace

    Future governor of New Mexico Territory, is born in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
  • -William Logan Rynerson

    Born in Mercer County, Kentucky.
  • -William Brady

    Born in County Cavan, Ireland.
  • -Milo Lucius Pierce

    Future member of the Seven Rivers Warriors, is born in Lincoln, Illinois.
  • -Albert Jennings Fountain

    Born in Staten Island, New York
  • -Andrew Boyle

    Born in Dalry, County Ayr, Scotland.
  • -Thomas Benton Catron

    Future head of the Santa Fe Ring, is born in Lexington, Missouri.
  • -Thomas Benton Powell

    Later to be known as Buck Powell, is born in Mississippi.
  • -Susanna Ellen Hummer

    Future Mrs. Susan McSween, is born in Adams County, Pennsylvania.
  • -Huston Ingraham Chapman

    Born in Burlington, Michigan.
  • -Jacob Basil 'Billy' Mathews

    Born in Cannon County, Tennessee.
  • -James Joseph Dolan

    Born at County Galway, Ireland.
  • -Josiah Gordon Scurlock

    Later to be known as Doc Scurlock, is born at Tallapoosa, Alabama
  • -Richard M. Brewer

    Born in St. Albans, Vermont.
  • -John Henry Riley

    Born at Valentia Island, Ireland.
  • -Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett

    Born in Chambers County, Alabama.
  • -Robert W. Beckwith

    Born, does not say when he was born.
  • -L. G. Murphy

    Enlists in the United States Army at Buffalo, New York.
  • -Benjamin Franklin 'Frank' Coe

    Born in Moundsville, West Virginia.
  • Lawrence G. Murphy

    Kicked off the post for unscrupulous business practices.
  • Six Regulators

    Brady and a deputy were killed. While retrieving the Winchester that Brady had taken from him weeks earlier amid the gunfire, the Kid was wounded in the thigh, but limped away and him, then eluded his pursuers.
  • In a saloon in Fort Sumner

    The Kid shoots and kills a local drunk during an argument.
  • The Kid writes Governor Wallace and vigorously denies that he or any of his men shot Jim Carlyle.

    Despite the Kid's pleas of innocence, Wallace publishes a notice in the New Mexico newspapers three days later. "$500 Reward. Notice is hereby given that five hundred dollars reward will be paid for the delivery of Bonney alias 'The Kid' to the sheriff of Lincoln County."
  • Garrett's men track down the Kid's hideout

    After a day of banter between the Kid and Garrett, the Kid and his men surrender, allegedly drawn out by the aroma of bacon and beans from Garrett's posse.