Andrew Johnson Timeline

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In History
  • Birth

    Born in the town of Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Wife Birth-date

    Wife Birth-date
    Eliza Johnson was born in Telford, Tenn.
  • Father dies

    Father dies
    His father died when Andrew was 3 years old.
  • Apprenticed with James Selby

    Apprenticed with James Selby
    His apprenticeship was the only education Johnson had except for homeschooling from wife.
  • Martha Johnson's birth

    Martha Johnson's birth
    Andrew Johnson's first daughter.
  • Elected to Alderman of Greeneville

    Elected to Alderman of Greeneville
    First government job
  • Charles Johnson's Birth

    Charles Johnson's Birth
    First baby boy
  • Mary Johnson birth

    Mary Johnson birth
    Second daughter
  • Rob Johnson birth

    Rob Johnson birth
    Second boy
  • Elected mayor of Greeneville

    Elected mayor of Greeneville
    Second government job
  • Elected as state representative

    Elected as state representative
    First state gov job
  • Andrew Johnson jr.

    Andrew Johnson jr.
    Last boy
  • State Senator

    State Senator
    First job in senate
  • reelected to senate

    reelected to senate
    second time in senate
  • Introduced homestead bill

    Introduced homestead bill
    First success in national government
  • reelected to senate

    reelected to senate
    second job in senate
  • reelected to senate

    reelected to senate
    third senate job
  • reelected to senate

    reelected to senate
    fourth senate job
  • Becomes Tenn. Governor

    Becomes Tenn. Governor
  • Reelected Governor

    Reelected Governor
    Second time being governor
  • Martha Johnson's death

    Martha Johnson's death
    First of children to die
  • Elected Tennessee Military Governor

    Elected Tennessee Military Governor
    Only Military Position
  • Charles Johnson's death

    Charles Johnson's death
  • Elected vice president of US

    Elected vice president of US
    First presidential job
  • Elected to Office

    Elected to Office
    Johnson made his own suit for his inauguration and was also drunk.
  • Lincoln Assassination

    Lincoln Assassination
    Become president of US
  • Impeachment

    Andrew was impeached by House but stayed in office thanks to an acquittal by Senate.
  • Rob Johnson death

    Rob Johnson death
    Last child to die during his life
  • Elected to Senate

    Elected to Senate
    Andrew Johnson was one of the only presidents to be elected into a governmental position after presidency.
  • Death

    Died from a stroke at Carter's Station due to a stroke.
  • Period: to

    Andrew Jonson Life