Ancestor: Adolf Zielke

  • Birth of Adolf Zielke

    Adolf Zielke was born on February 5, 1873, to Gottlieb August Zielke and Caroline Zielke (maiden name unknown) in Neschowa, Russia (known today as Nieszawa, Poland).
  • Departs from Hamburg, Germany

    Adolf Zielke left Neschawa, Russia, at the age of nineteen in an effort to escape Russian military service. He, along with his twenty-five-year-old cousin Gustav Lemke, fled to Hamburg, Germany, and subsequently left for America on the S.S. Dania.
  • Arrival in New York City, New York.

    Adolf and Gustav arrived at New York after their fifteen day voyage across from the Pacific ocean. Little is known about where they were or what they did in the first five years after their arrival, as few records can be found and those that do mention either of them may actually be referring to someone else.
  • Petitions for U.S. Citizenship

  • Marriage to Elsa Frieda Froehner

  • Birth of First Child: Walter Adolf Zielke

    It is through Walter that I am related to Adolf Zielke; Walter Zielke is my great grandfather.
  • Birth of Second Child: Alma Elsa Zielke

  • Granted Citizenship in the U.S.

  • Birth of Third Child: Ester Louise Zielke

  • Birth of Fourth Child: Irma Zielke

  • Birth of Fifth Child: Edwin Rudolph Zielke

  • Birth of Sixth Child: Alice Elizabeth Zielke

  • Registers for World War I Draft

    Adolf registers for draft at the age of forty-five as a part of the third registration; I believe his service was never required, as I have yet to find any documents indicating otherwise.
  • Birth of Seventh Child: Loretta Mae Zielke

  • Birth of Eight Child: Adaline Edna Zielke

  • Death of Adolf Zielke