• assasanation of JFK

    assasanation of JFK
    the day JFK was assasanated as he was driving though Dealey Plaza in Dallas,Texas
  • Period: to


  • MLK

    MLK was assasanated as he was standing over the Lorraine Motel balcony in Mephis, Tennessee.
  • grandparents married

    day my grandparents got married.
  • jimi hendrix

    jimi hendrix
    day that jimi hendrix(greatest gutair player of all time) dies of drug overdose on Vesperax sleeping aids.
  • missile

    year when the anti-ballistic missle traty was signed with the USSR.
  • watergate

    year of the Watergate scandle.
  • Elvis

    year that Elvis Presly died.
  • st. helen

    st. helen
    worst volcanic eruption in history
  • pac-man

    year pac-man was realesed
  • kurt

    day that Kurt Kobain was found dead in his attic by a self inflicted shotgun wound
  • 9/11

  • great grandma

    my great grandma,Earline Spezia, died of Sepsis:'(