American History

  • germany invades poland

    germany invades poland
    who: Hitler, Germany, Poland.
    what:Germany annexed and divided all of Poland.
    why: Started the second world war.
  • battle of britain

    battle of britain
    who:Germany, Britain.
    what: German airforce had an air campaign against the UK to gain air superiority.
    why:It was the first major allied victory and a famous battle in WWII.
  • lend lease act signed

    lend lease act signed
    who: united states, Roosevelt.
    what: A legislation that allowed president Roosevelt and the united states to help other countries defend themselves against the Axis powers.
    where: united states, was written to 38 countires.
    why: Lots of supplies were sent to other countries to help and made a great step away from isolationism and involvement internationally in the united states.
  • germany declares war in the united states

    who:Germany, United States, Roosevelt, Hitler.
    what:American navy attacked Germany naval forces which created a state of war against Germany.
    why:Beginning of WWII.
  • Period: to

    battle of stalingrad

    who:Soviet Union, Germany, allies.
    what:Fight for control of Stalingrad
    why:Was the turning point in the warand stopped Germanys progression over the Soviet Union.
  • Period: to

    battle of el alamein

    who:Montgomery and Rommel.
    what:Fight between British and axis forces as they were driving eastward.
    where:Egypt. North African deserts.
    why:Got German forces out of Africa and opened up a way to invade Italy and Sicily.
  • allies land in italy

    who:Mussolini, allied forces, British, United States.
    what:Italian government surrendered to the allied forces and British and united states began the physical attack on Italy being defended by Germans.
    where:Sicily, Italy.
    why:It was a major WWII campaign that launched the Italian campaign.
  • dday invasion

    dday invasion
    who:Eisenhower, allied troops, nazis.
    what:The allied troops went to conquer Nazi Germany on the French coastline.
    where:Beaches in Normandy, France.
    why:It marked the beginning of the invasion of western Europe by the allies and the end of Hitler's reign.
  • battle of the bulge

    who:US paratroopers, Germans, allies.
    what:Germans wanted to break up the united states and british armies which would later make Britain surrender.
    where:Ardenne forest in Belgium.
    why:Was the last major offense made by Germans.
  • Period: to

    yalta conference

    who:Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt.
    what:Discussed how to end the war with Japan and what to do with Germany.
    where:Yalta, Crimea.
    why:Led many fronts to the cold war.
  • franklin rooselvelt dies

    who:President Roosevelt.
    what:Died of cerebral hemorrhage
    where:In his house in Warm Springs, Georgia.
    why:The end of everything was just in sight before he died. He made an impact on the united states as he led them through the tough times in WWII.
  • hitler commits suicide

    hitler commits suicide
    who:Adolf Hitler.
    what:He commited suicide by shooting himself.
    where:Berlin in his Fuhrerbunker.
    why:Ended his thousand reich and the war came to an end.
  • germany surrenders ve day

    germany surrenders ve day
    who:Hitler, Nazi Germany, Europeans.
    what:German forces surrendered and Hitler's third reich ended.
    why:The end of WWII in Europe.