america in world war 2 lesson 4 war ends

  • the battle of the bulge

    the battle of the bulge
    the battle of the bulge was a event that stared the collapses of the third reich. the allied powers where pushing back german forces on both side which had germany waist resources which made germany a lot weak and eventually soviet troop swept the east side of german territory
  • allies invade the west

    germany last line of defense was the rhine river on the west side of germany as the allies crossed it he sent young and old men toward war to delay there inevitable defeat
  • battle of iwo jima

    battle of iwo jima
    the battle of iwo jima started in 2/19/1945 to 3/16/1945. this battle happen between the US and japan. the US was using amphibious warfare. the battle was a part of the pacific caampain agenist japan. it was the bloodiest battle in US marine
  • hitler death

    on april 30 1945 market the beginning of the end of germany in ww2 with the suicide of adolf hitler
  • V-E day

    V-E day
    V-E day or victory in europe was the end of the war in europe. celebration boom all over europe celebrating the defeat of germany and the end of ww2
  • V-J day

    V-J day
    V-J day o victory in japan is when japan surrenders from WW2
  • WW2 ended

    on september 2 1945 world war 2 officially ended
  • italy surrender

    on september 8 1945 italy surrender which market the true end of world war 2