Paul Oppenheim (1885-1977)

  • Birth

    Paul Oppenheim was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Interest in natural order of sciences

    Oppenheim's interest dove into issues such as the nature of scientific explanation, reduction, and unity of science
  • Gestalt concept in light of the new logic

    Oppenheim and his co-author Kurt Gelling wrote a paper on Gestalt psychology and philosophy stating that humans order experience that is simple, orderly, and routine to us.
    Luchins, Abraham, and Edith Luchins. “Concerning Analysis of Gestalt Concepts by Kurt Grelling ...” CONCERNING ANALYSIS OF GESTALT CONCEPTS BY KURT GRELLING AND PAUL OPPENHEIM,
  • Publishes Logical Analysis of Gestalt Concept

    Oppenheim continued to work on the Gestalt ideology. This new publication made him a popular contributor to psychology.
  • Death

    Paul Oppenheim dies in Princeton, NJ