Alexander Ovechkin

  • Alex Ovechkin was born

    Alex Ovechkin was born on September 17th 1985 in Moscow Russia
  • Ovechkin Starts Hockey

    Little Alex Ovechkin begins to play hockey when he is only 3 years old
  • Alex Ovechkn makes his superleague debut

    Ovechkin makes his Superleague debut with the Dynamo.
  • Ovechin gets drafted into the NHL

    Ovechkin was drafted first round pick by the Washington Capitals
  • Alex makes his NHL debut

    In 2004 alex ovechkin played his first game for the Washington Capitals
  • Alex Ovechkin wins rookie of the year

    Alex ovechkin wins rookie of the year award in his first season of 2004/2005
  • Alex Ovechkin wins MVP of the year award

    Alex ovechkin wins his first MVP award in 2008 then his second in 2009
  • Alex recieves key to the city

    Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin receives the key to the city, June 13, 2008 in Washington, DC
  • Alex Gets Married

    Alex marries a Russian tennis player names Maria Kirilenko
  • Alex wins first star in NHL

    Alex gets voted number 1 star in the NHL