Alexander hamilton

Alexander Hamilton's Life

By ihes61
  • Birth

    Alexander Hamilton was possibly born on January 11th, 1755 or 1757. He claimed that he was born on the island of Nevis, British West Indies but, there are no surviving records to prove so. His parents were Racheal Faucette (mom) and James Hamilton (dad).
  • Moving

    Alexander's father moves the family to another island, called St. Croix.
  • Alex's Father Left

    Alexander's father left him, his brother James, and his mom when alex was 11.
  • Alexander's Mom Dies

    Alexander's mom dies from an unknown illness that Alexander survived.
  • Finding a Guardian

    After Alexander's mom died James and Alexander went to live with an adult cousin of theirs but, then also died within a few years.
  • A New Home

    Alexander's brother was going to live with a carpenter on St. Croix and some day learn to be a Carpenter. Alexander never saw James again. Alexander was taken in by Thomas Stevens. Thomas had five children of his own and one, Ned (Edward), became the best of friends with Alexander.
  • Work

    Alexander was given a job as a clerk in mercantile house even though he was only thirteen.Alexander was so good at his job that when Alexander was fourteen one of the owners had to leave for 5 months and left Alexander in charge of the whole company.
  • The Best Hurricane

    The local newspaper described it as "the most dreadful hurricane known in the memory of man." Alexander wrote a letter to his father explaining how horrible the hurricane was, but before sending it Alexander sent it to his friend Hugh Knox. Hugh thought that Alexander should publish it in the newspaper. Alexander decided to publish it. Many wealthy people raised money for Alexander to go to American and go to collage because he is an amazing writer.
  • New Beginning

    At age 16 Alexander moves to New York.
  • College

    Alexanders first choice was Princeton University, but did not go because the president of the college wouldn't let Alexander complete his studies in 2 years like how Alexander would liked so he enrolled in King's Collage now known as Columbia University, but left before graduating.
  • George Washington's assistant

    Washington asked Alexander to be his Assistant. Washington also gave Alexander a promotion to lieutenant colonel when Alexander was only twenty-two years old.
  • Wedding

    Alexander Got married to Eliza Schuyler, daughter of General Phillip Schuyler, On December 14th, 1780. Later on had 3 sons and 4 daughters together.
  • New Bank

    Alexander founds Bank of New York.
  • Secretary of the Treasury

    Alexander becomes the first secretary of the treasury.
  • A Sad Tragedy

    Phillip Hamilton, Alexander's son, was very loyal to his father. When a man George Eacker gave a speech that insulted Alexander Phillip called George a "rascal" (Back in 1801 rascal was a very serious word) and demanded a apology. Eacker refused. Phillip then challenged him to a duel. Unfortunately Phillip was shot. It so happens shortly after Phillips death Eliza had another boy and named him after Phillip.
  • Death

    Alexander Hamilton died because Aaron Burr shot him in a duel.