Alessandro Volta

By Breeana
  • Alessandro is born!

    Alessandro is born!
    this day Alessandro Volta was born.He was born in Camo, Lombarday, Italy
  • Period: to

    The life of Alessandro Volta

    the life of Alessandro Volta
  • first paper!

    first paper!
    Alessandro ran his first paper on electricity!
  • Professor!

    Alessandro became professor if physics in camo.
  • discovered!

    1776-1778 Alessandro Volta dicovered the methan gas.
  • proffesor! again.....

    proffesor! again.....
    Alessandro was appointed professor of physics at the University of Pavia and it was while he invented his most famous invention, the voltaic pile.
  • marriage

    Volta and Teresa Peregrini got married this day! They also had three children later on.
  • Created!

    Alessandro invented the battery!
  • retire

    Volta retired on this day. He gave up inventing and had a good life afterwards
  • The death of Alessandro Volta

    The death of Alessandro Volta
    Alessandro Volta died on this day.