Alessandro Volta

By Finbarr
  • Volta is born

    Volta is born
    Volta is born on 18 Febuaey 1745 in Italy
  • Period: to

    Volta timeline

  • Continues to impress

    Continues to impress
    Wrote two books and studied electricity.
  • Electrophorous machine invented

    Electrophorous machine invented
    Invents the Electrophorous machine
  • First big discovery

    First big discovery
    Discovers Gas used to light lanterns-very inquisitive
  • Prof. of Physics

    Prof. of Physics
    Appointed Professor of Physics at University of Pavia.
  • frogs legs

    frogs legs
    Discovers and investigates twitching of frogs legs.
  • Voltaic pile

    Voltaic pile
    Invents the Voltaic pile - the worlds first battery!!
  • Volta retires to Como, Italy

    Volta retires to Como, Italy
    Finally, after many long years in the service of science and discovery, Alessandro Volta retires to his home in Como Italy.
  • dies

    Dies, but is remembered through the construction of major monument in Italy.