Alessandro volta

Alessandro Volta

  • Alessandro Volta was born

    Alessandro Volta was born in the town of Como in northern Italy.
  • Volta talks

    Volta did not talk until he was 4 years old.
  • Volta's career choice

    In 1759 while at 14 years of age, Volta decided to become a physicist.
  • Volta's Studies

    At the age of 24 Alessandro Volta began to study electricity and published two books of his ideas.
  • Appointed director

    At the age of 29, Volta was appointed director of the royal school of como.
  • Professor Volta

    Volta became professor of physics
  • Swamp gas

    While Volta was visiting local swamps, he observed a mystery gas then known as swamp gas. This gas was used back then to light gas lanterns. He then became the first person to isolate methane from the swamp gas.
  • New appointment as professor of physics

    During the next few years, Volta became well known in scientific circles and in 1779 he was appointed professor of physics at the university of Pavia. He held this position for the next 25 years.
  • Luigi Galvani

    A man named Luigi Galvani had predicted animals had their own electricity by observing that a frogs leg hanging on a brass hook twiched when touched with a scapel. He called this animal electricity.
  • Volta tells Galvani he is wrong

    Volta told Galvini that his prediction was incorrect and the two argued
  • Volta explains

    Volta finally realised what had happened when the frogs leg twitched. He thought that the twitching was caused by a connection between the two metals. He demonstated this by using a coin and some foil placed on the tongue.
  • The first battery

    Volta soon after invented the first battery in 1800 and demonstrated that he could form an electric current with different metals and wires.
  • Napoleon and Alessandro

    Volta demonstrated his knowledge of electricity and his battery to the French Academy of Science and was made the Count of Lombardy by Napoleon Bonapatre.
  • Volta retires

    Volta then retired to his family home in Como.
  • Volta dies

    Volta dies in his home town of Como.