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Alessandro Volta

  • Period: to

    his life

    Live whit his parents filippoand maddalena
  • first

    Lives with his parents filippo and maddalena
  • second

    he begins to study electricty and published two books of his ides
  • third

    was appointed Director of the Royal School in como
  • fourth

    while visiting local swamps Volta observed a mystery gas
  • fifth

    Volta was appointed professor of physics at the universitw
  • sixth

    had observed that a fogs leg hanging on a brass hook twitched when touched with a scalpel
  • senventh

    Volta demonstrated that the combinion of differnt metal and solutinos could produce an electric current
  • eigth

    Volta retired to family home in como
  • lastly

    he died. the term "volt" is based on hes name