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Alessandro Volta

  • The Birth of Alessandro

    The Birth of Alessandro
    Alessandro Volta was born on the 18th of February, 1745. Alessandro was born in Como, Lombardy in Italy. His birth name was Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta and his parents were Filippo and Maddalena.
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Volta - Battery Inventor

    He was born on February the 18th, 1745, in Como
  • Alessandro's Publishing and Studying

    Alessandro's Publishing and Studying
    During 1769, Alessandro studied electricity and he wrote his first paper, which was called 'De vi attractiva ignis electrici'. In the same year, he also wrote two books.
  • First Invention (Electrophorus)

    First Invention (Electrophorus)
    In 1774 while at the Royal School in Como, Alessandro designed his very first invention. This was called the electrophorus and it produced static electricity. In 1774 Alessandro was also chosen to be the Director of the Royal School.
  • Mystery Gas

    Mystery Gas
    In 1776, Volta discovered a gas that was used to light gas lanterns. He found this gas while he was visiting some swamps near where he lived.
  • Professor of Physics

    Professor of Physics
    In 1779, Alessandro was selected to become Professor of Physics at the University of Pavia. For more than 40 years Alessandro Volta held this position.
  • Frog Experiment

    Frog Experiment
    Volta decided that a dissected frogs leg twitched when touched with metals because the solution in the frog's leg made a connection between the two metals used. He showed this by placing a coin and some aluminium foil on the frog's tongue, and this resulted in the frog's leg twitching. This observation proved that Luigi Galvani's earlier idea that frogs produced their own electricity was incorrect. It also lead Volta to develop the Voltaic Pile (in1800).
  • Interesting Facts (Alessandro Volta)

    Interesting Facts (Alessandro Volta)
    Alessandro couldn't speak until he was 4 years old.
    Alessandro was fourteen when he decided to become a physicist. The term 'volt' came from Alessandro's surname.
  • Invention of the first Battery (The Voltaic Pile)

    Invention of the first Battery (The Voltaic Pile)
    In1800 Alessandro Volta created his most famous invention called the voltaic pile. This was the first wet cell battery which produced a steady current of electricity. The voltaic pile was made up of alternating zinc and copper discs with pieces of cardboard that had been soaked in salt water in between the metal.
  • Volta returns home.

    Volta returns home.
    Volta retired to his home in Como, Italy.
  • Alessandro's Death

    Alessandro's Death
    Alessandro died at the age of 82, due to old age. He died on 5th March, 1827 in Como, Italy.