Airplanes of the Past and Present

  • Wright Flyer

    Wright Flyer
    About.comWilber and Orville Wright invented the airplane that was first a wooden plane with special fabrics called the Wright Flyer
  • First Metal Airplane

    First Metal Airplane
    Airplane TimelinesHugo Junkers invented this amazing miracle of the metal airplane.
  • First Electronic Plane

    First Electronic Plane
    Airplane TimelinesEdwin A. Link introduces the Link Trainer, the first electronic plane
  • Multiple Passenger Airplane

    Multiple Passenger Airplane
    Airplane TimelinesDouglas introduces the multiple passenger airliner that improves the way of transportation forever.
  • Commercial Airliner

    Commercial Airliner
    Airplane TimelinesBoeing invented this amazing improved airliner in 1933 to improve transportation.
  • First Jet Engine

    First Jet Engine
    Airplane TimelinesFrank Whittle invented or designed this new fast airplane.
  • Sound Barrier Broken

    Sound Barrier Broken
    Airplane timelinesCaptain Charles "Chuck" Yeager's plane broke the the barrier of the speed of sound
  • Jet Powered Commercial Airliner

    Jet Powered Commercial Airliner
    Airplane TimelinesRichard Whitcomb invented the first Jet Powered Commercial Airliner.
  • First Airplane Around the Globe

    First Airplane Around the Globe
    Airplane TimelinesBurtan Rutan pilots a plane with big enough gas tanks to go around the globe
  • Second Generation Supersonic Airiner

    Second Generation Supersonic Airiner
    Airplane TimelinesNasa Team designed this second generation airplane