Air Transport

By 14leej2
  • 1783 The Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon

  • 1852 The first airship, fitted with a steam engine was flown by Henri Giffard from Paris. The airship could only fly forward.

  • 1903 The Wright Brothers made the first engine powered flight in 'The Flyer'. It flew for 12 seconds and travelled 37 metres.

  • 1915 The first all metal plane was built by a German, Herman Junkers. It travelled at 170 km an hour.

  • 1926 The first sea planeHaving one or two floats in place of the usual undercarriage this plane took off from, and landed on, water.

  • 1930s Flying boats were used to cross oceans because aircraft could not carry enough fuel to travel long distances non-stop. Flying boats could fly between seaports and islands, refuelling as they went. They didn't need runways, and it was thought to be s

  • 1940 The first practical helicopter which could carry passengers, was developed.

  • 1969 Commercial jet liners were able to carry over 400 passengers

  • The largest passenger aircraft, (so far!) the double-decked, Airbus A380 can carry more than 800 passengers. ( until 2005 )