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  • A Baby is Born!

    A Baby is Born!
    Joseph John Thomson was born in Cheetham Hill, on December 18,1856
  • CTR?

    Thomson discovered the electron in experiments designed to study electric discharge in a high-vacuum cathode-ray tube, Most cathode-ray tubes are used in tv's. Although he did not invent the cathode-ray tube it contributed the most in his experiments
  • Which Led To Another Discovery.........

    Which Led To Another Discovery.........
    At first, Thomson thought that atoms were made up of thousands of electrons because of their mass. If this were true, atoms would have a massive negative electric charge, but atoms usually have no charge. Thomson then thought that atoms did not contain so many electrons, but a number roughly equal to its atomic number. Atoms contain the same number of positive charged particles as they do negative. To express his idea, Thomson invented the "Plum Pudding" model,
  • Discovery Of The Electron

    Discovery Of The Electron
    Thomson placed cathode tubes in electric and magnetic fields. He knew that these fields will move particles from side to side. In his experiments, the cathode rays bent over to one side, so Thomson knew the cathode rays must be made of some small particle, which he called a "corpuscle."
  • During the experiments......

    During the experiments......
    He estimated the mass of cathode rays by measuring the heat generated when the rays hit a thermal junction his experiments suggested not only that cathode rays were over 1000 times lighter than the hydrogen atom, but also that their mass was the same whatever type of atom they came from. He concluded that the rays were composed of very light, negatively charged particles which were a universal building block of atoms.
  • Mass Spectrograph

    Mass Spectrograph
    In 1904 Thomson thought a model of the atom as a sphere of positive matter in which electrons are positioned by electrostatic forces. He estimated the number of electrons in an atom from measurements of the scattering of light, X, beta, and gamma rays initiated the research. This led to the discovery of the mass spectrograph. Without the electron he wouldn't be able to create another invention.
  • Thomson's Helpers

    Thomson's Helpers
    Ernest Rutherford experimented with the transmission of radio waves, went on to join Thomson's ongoing investigation of the conduction of electricity through gases, and then turned to the field of radioactivity. He was Thomson's student then began to help Thomson during his studies. Francis Aston was Thomson's assistant
  • R.I.P

    Joseph John Thomoson died in the 1940's on August 30th. He was 83 years old.
  • Without The Discovery Of Electrons :(

    Without The Discovery Of Electrons :(
    Without electrons we wouldnt have a lot of things. For example we wouldnt have Television or even cellphones
  • How Does Electrons Help Society Today?

    How Does Electrons Help Society Today?
    Without electrons we wouldn't have electricty. Imagine being in a world without TV's, Cellphones, Computers, Light (Not from the sun) or etc.