A timeline of the airplane

  • Aerodromes

    This flying model is a gasoline-powered engine. The first successful flying model. With wingspans up to 15 feet high and more than half a mile.
  • the airplane

    the airplane
    Created/invented by Wilbur and Orville wright of Ohio. Wilbur covers 852 feet over the ground in 59 seconds.
  • The flyer III

    The flyer III
    The Flyer III is built by the Wright brothers. It has been tested and works.
  • Airplane/flyer

    Walter Brookings sets an altitude record with 6,234 feet. New flying record.
  • Airplane/skydiving

    First sky-diving.
  • airplane

    Altitude record of 16,072 feet.
  • NC-4

    First plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean nonstop, from Newfoundland to Ireland.
  • The “Josephine ford”

    The “Josephine ford”
    An airplane flies for the first time over the North Pole.
  • The electromechanical flight simulator

    The electromechanical flight simulator is invented. First woman crosses the Atlantic Ocean by air.
  • The jet engine

    The jet engine
    British mechanic Frank Whittle creates the jet engine.
  • Boeing 747 (jumbo jet)

    Boeing 747 (jumbo jet)
    The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transport, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet, or Queen of the Skies. It is among the world's most recognizable aircraft, and was the first wide-body ever produced.
  • Boeing 777-200

    Boeing 777-200
    Boeing's advanced widebody 777 twin incorporates more advanced technologies than any other previous Boeing airliner, and has been progressively developed into increasingly longer range developments.
  • Boeing 777

    Boeing 777
    The Boeing 777 has seating for over 300 people and it was designed to replace older, wide-body airliners.It is the world's largest twinjet and is commonly referred to as the "Triple Seven".it was differnt because for the first time, eight major airlines – All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Qantas, and United Airlines - had a role in the developement of the airliner design.
  • Airplane

    Steve Fossett makes a non-stop non-refueled solo flight around the world.
  • The airplane

    The airplane
    Before 2003 no regular person had ever flown in an airplane but over the years technology has improved so fast that now everything is possible, including the impossible.
  • The military's newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor, manufactured by the Lockheed Boeing team.

    The military's newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor, manufactured by the Lockheed Boeing team.
    The building of jet engines that operate at higher temperatures, thus producing more power and speed for a given weight are being made today. A modern single seat fighter aircraft.