The Great Gatsby

  • Daisy Marries Tom.

    Daisy Marries Tom while Gatsby is bootlegging alchohol in order to earn quick money.
  • Nick learns that Gatsby is in love with Daisy Buchanan

    Gatsby is hoping for Nick to arrange a meeting between Gatsby and Daisy.
  • Gatsby and Daisy begin seeing eachother.

    they don't have an affair but see eachother.
  • Gatsby an Daisy Meet

    Daisy cannot marry Gatsby due to his lack of money.
  • Gastbys career as Trimalchio is over

    Nick notices that, all of a sudden, Gatsby's house goes dark; Nick finds out, too, that Gatsby has fired all his servants and replaced them with 'new people' who, according to the grocery boy 'weren't servants at all.' (Gatsby's career as Trimalchio is over)
  • Gatsby Parties

    Nick goes and meets Gatsby
  • Tom invites Nick on a trip to New York

    Nick goes
  • Myrtle is killed

    She is killed by a car driven by Daisy with Gatsby in passanger seat.
  • George believes Gatsby killed Myrtle

    George is unaware that Daisy was the driver.
  • George goes to Gatsby's house with murder on his mind.

    Gatsby reveals that Daisy was the driver.
  • Gatsby pleads with George to not harm Daisy.

    Before George arrives, Gatsby tips off police that Daisy was the driver. Although he loves Daisy he believes that actions should not go unpunished.
  • Police arrest Daisy

    This saves Daisy from George because she is arrested before he has a chance to kill her.