Bill walsh

Bill Walsh

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    Bill Walsh

  • Bill walsh birth

    November 30th, 1931 Bill walsh was in las angelas, California
  • The start of his career

    He was an assistant for the Raiders in 1966,
  • Bill walsh

    A Q.b. coach in Cincinnati in 1968 - under coach Paul Brown, and worked in San Diego for a while. However way before that, he took a team at Washington Fremont from 1 and 27 in three years to 9 and 1 the following year. Walsh was ready for the 49ers.
  • The beginig of a new his life

    Bill began his head-coaching career at Stanford in 1977. He experienced good success coaching at Stanford and was highly coveted by the 49ers two years later. In 1979, the 49ers hired Walsh to take the team from ruins to success. Bill's coaching career had begun much earlier though
  • Hired for the job

    Bill was hired for the 49ers to help them improve there play and to lead them to victory.
  • BILL Walsh

    His success in the following years were proof of that - and he was rewarded, the team's General Manager position in 1982 and later the role of President in 1985. Walsh built the foundation that allowed the 49ers to attain sixteen seasons in a row with ten or more wins, a mark record that will remain unmarked for many years to come.
  • Bill Walsh Dies

    Bill Walsh on eof the greatest NFL coaches that led the 49ers to 3 Super Bowl And won all of them. He dies at the age of 75 but had a disease called Leukemia. He has been struggling with it for 3 years