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Airplane Timeline

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  • Nov 29, 1325

    Airplanes Timeline

  • Period: Nov 29, 1325 to

    Airplanes Timeline

  • First successful flying model propelled by an internal combustion engine

    1901年, "Samuel Pierpont Langley"特建立了汽油動力版本,他串聯翼“機場。”第一次成功的飛行模式以推動由內燃發動機。
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    Airplane Timeline

  • Second Airplane

    Second Airplane
    First powered flight in Canada
    23 Feb 1909 February 23rd, 1909 was the day that the Canadian Silver Dart was in the air. This plane was the first powered plane in Canada. This day is very significant in Canadian aviation. This is because the era of powered flight was launched in this country.
  • The Junkers J4, an all-metal airplane, introduced

    Hugo Junkers, a German professor of mechanics introduces the Junkers J4.An all-metal airplane built largely , and it was very lightweight aluminum alloy called duralumin.
  • First nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic

    在五月二十一日, Charles Lindbergh 發明了一輛可以不停地飛的飛機飛過大西洋。旅遊3600英里從紐約到巴黎,飛機命名為Spirit of St. Louis.
  • First jet - powered commericial aircraft

    The prototype of De Havilland Comet makes its first flight on July 27. Three years later the Comet starts regular passenger service as the first jet-powered commercial aircraft, flying between London and South Africa.
  • Voyager Circumnavigates the globe (26,000 miles) nonstop in 9 days

    Using a carbon-composite material, aircraft designer Burt Rutan crafts Voyager is for flying around the world and nonstop on a single load of fuel. Voyager has two centerline engines, one fore and one aft, and weighs less than 2,000 pounds.It nonstop for 9 days.
  • 1990 B-2轟炸機

    Northrop Grumman公司研製的B - 2轟炸機,以“飛翼”的設計。複合材料製成的,而不是金屬,它不能被檢測到常規雷達。
  • 1990 B-2轟炸機

    Northrop Grumman公司研製的B - 2轟炸機,以“飛翼”的設計。複合材料製成的,而不是金屬,它不能被檢測到常規雷達。
  • Professional airplane

    Professional airplane
    In 2010, there were many relax seats. It was very safety. It can fly 12 hours, there were many food, drink, TV………..