Simon Fraser's adventure

By chs
  • Simon Fraser is born

    Simon Fraser was born!He was named after his father.
  • Period: to

    Simon Fraser's Adventurous Life

    Simon Fraser's life where he discovers The Fraser River
  • Simon moves to Canada

    Simon moves to Ontario, Canada with his family after his father's death.
  • Simon Fraser started working for the Northwest Company

    He started working for the company at a very young age of 16.
  • Simon Fraser becomes a partner

    Simon Fraser becomes a partner in the Northwest Company.
  • Goes along the Peace River

    He was supposed to follow the Peace River , cross the Rocky Mountains, and establish trading posts.
  • Discovers Fraser River

    Simon Fraser discovers the Fraser River ( which wasn't called the Fraser River back then) and explores it.
  • Simon Fraser gets married

    Simon Fraser marries with Catherine McDonnell
  • Simon Fraser's life ends

    Simon Fraser's wife died one day after Simon died. she never knew his life was done.