• Britain Taxes the Colonies

    Britain Taxes the Colonies
    By 1765 the American colonies already had a long traition of self-government. Since they never voted for Parliament, colonists complained ,Parliament had no right to tax them.This idea led to a popular protest cry;NoTaxation without Representation!''More and more people throughout the colonies decided that they did not want to pay British taxs.
  • The Colonists Rebel

    The Colonists Rebel
    It's the night of March 5,1770.The street of Boston are covered with newly-fallen snow. Despite the cold,many people are out walking.Edward Garrich is among the Bostonians yelling insults at Hugh White , a British soldier on duty.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    In late 1773,three ships carrying British tea sailed into Boston Harbor. On the night of December 16,members of the son of liberty disguised themselves as Mohawks.They rowed out to the British ships shouting''Boston Harbor a Teapot Tonight.''They boarded the ships ,chopped open the chests of tea with axes,and dumped the tea into the harbor.This became know as the Boston Tea Party.Soon colonists were singing a new song;''Rally Mohawks!Bring out your axes and tell King George,we'll pay no taxs
  • The American Revolutionary War

    The American Revolutionary War
    The American Revolutionary War in 1775-1783,also known as the ''American War of Independence'',was a war between the kingdom of great Britain and thirteen British colonies on the North American continent.
  • Defeat and Victory

    Defeat and Victory
    Washington's soldies began crossing the Delaware River after dark on December,25th1776.''The night was cold and stormy;it hailed with great violence,''wrote Henry Knox.'' The floating ice in the river made the labor almost incredible.''