White. John Lennon

  • Bombing in Liverpool

    Bombing in Liverpool
    When John was born Liverpool was being bombed by the Germans, destroying most all of the city.
  • Welcoming john into the world

    Welcoming john into the world
    John Lennon was born on Octber 9, 1940 during the middle of the Liverpool bombing.
  • Ghandi

    Ghandi made John realize the peace that could'nt be found in the world and how to take action to help. John made protests just like Ghandi during the British attack on India.
  • The Beatles Were Born

    The Beatles Were Born
    John came up with the band name which united the Beatles.
  • More Popular than Jesus

    More Popular than Jesus
    John said "Were more popular than jesus now!" After all the controversy, he had to face the many surprised and furios fans and apologize to them.
  • First Live Appearance

    First Live Appearance
    John and the Beatles made it to the Ed Sullivan show with their first live appearance on television, seventy-three million people tuned in to watch.
  • Fighting Over Seas

    Fighting Over Seas
    In 1965 America joined the Vietnam War, 1,100,000 Vietnamese soldiers were announced dead.
  • Terrible Addiction

    Terrible Addiction
    John spent time in India with the Maharishi and overcame his drug addiction and was finally drugfree.
  • Maharashi

    The Maharishi in India influenced him to take a peaceful intake of life and to meditate each day which helped John and his drug addiction.
  • Yoko Ono

    Yoko Ono
    When John and Yoko got married, Yoko helped John see all the wrong in the world that needed to be fixed. Together they lived most of their lives.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    The first man stepped foot on the moon, including Buzz Aldrin, Micheal Collins, and Neil Armstrong.
  • Losing a piece of music

    Losing a piece of music
    On december 6, 1980 John was assassinated by Mark Chapman, Mark had no reasoning he was just confused about the time and place leading to him taking someones life.