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  • french and indian war

    french and indian war
    The french indian war was one of the wars between the british and french starting as early as the 1600s . The french indian war took place in 1756 \1763
  • quest for independdence

    when england colonized america . It had no master plan on how the colonies would be governed .some colonies governed themselves
  • the boston massacre

    the boston massacre
    So on the night of march 5 1770 the city was ready to explode . When angry colonies surronded hush white and his fellow soldiers
  • The boston tea party

    The boston tea party
    In 1773 committes of carros pondece bugan writing about the tea cup
  • paul reverse midnight ride

    paul reverse midnight ride
    On the night of april 18 1775 . british soldiers began to march from boston . They were on their way to concord a town about 20 miles north west of boston
  • The revolution begins

    The revolution begins
    they fought for independence had begun
  • winnning the revolution war

    winnning the revolution war
    pearm published a pamphhelt called common sense .